A first-of-its-kind online marketplace for TV and Film product placement. BRND has created a new, streamlined way for brands to have their products placed into leading screen entertainment, produced for global audiences. Using their platform, it fulfils real-time requests directly from productions, whatever the size and scale of the brand.

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Nico MacDonagh, Deal Lead

“In BRND, we saw a passionate and high-performing management team with unique founder-market fit, ready to take on an industry that was ripe for disruption as a result of its outdated, and typically analogue, approach. With performance marketing becoming increasingly competitive, it is exciting to see BRND offering companies the ability to grow their top-of-funnel reach at a fraction of the traditional cost.”

Chris Piper, Founder & CEO

“At BRND we were looking for an investor that would be so much more than just ‘capital’. We also wanted to have the freedom to implement our growth strategy whilst knowing we had the expertise and support when we needed it. VGC didn’t disappoint, from day one their team were our biggest champions and through their phenomenal network introduced both clients and prospective partners whilst also helping lay the groundwork for our next phase of growth.”