VGC Partners

Founded in 2011 by Parminder Basran, VGC Partners is an early growth capital investor.  We invest in innovative, early-stage consumer, media and tech companies, who have identified untapped markets and are creating new products or experiences that satisfy emerging, next-generation consumer demand. We recognise outstanding entrepreneurial talent and collaborate with CEO’s, entrepreneurs and management teams to enhance operational value, accelerate growth, and enable international expansion.

By Entrpreneurs for Entrepreneurs

With entrepreneurial backgrounds ourselves, we have real-world experience of what it’s like to launch a business and the energy required to drive towards success. This means we understand the unique challenges that entrepreneurs face, and our collaboration, whether it be offering strategic guidance, sharing operational expertise, or providing executive coaching, will always be underpinned by a genuine empathy with entrepreneurial talent..

More than Just Capital

We offer investees more than just capital. VGC Partners adopts a holistic approach when investing in companies and people. This means that our investments go beyond simply the provision of financial capital. Our success derives from investing in those other aspects of business, critical to the building of brands and companies that excel, market and sector knowledge, industry networks and connections, and technological expertise.

Vaule Creation through Digital Evolution

VGC Partners believe there will always be a need for human contact and interaction in business, but we also understand the transformative effects technology can have when it comes to fuelling growth and improving the customer experience. We specialise in building fully tech-enabled consumer-media businesses, and leveraging the full powers of digital and online technologies. With every investee, we formulate a strategy for digital optimisation, and guide their business through the process of implementation and integration.

Hyper-Cnnected for global Growth

With an extensive, far-reaching network of high-level contacts in the consumer, media and tech industries, VGC Partners is perfectly positioned to connect investees with high-value strategic partners. Through our operational networks, VGC Partners can assist UK and European-based businesses with development, product integration, distribution and expansion in North American and Asia-Pacific territories.


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