Kinetic Art Labs is an Extended Reality (XR) company creating fun, social and immersive experiences with artists and brands. Their Alpha Build demo was funded by VGC via an SEIS investment and is published on Meta AppLab. The team has over 35 years’ experience in XR, PhDs in Computer Science and expertise in partnerships, art and business strategy. Their vision is an immersive platform to revolutionise entertainment.

Kinetic Art Labs Logo
Kinetic Art Labs purple blocks
Kinetic Art Labs abstract

Phoebe Scriven, Investment Director

“Kinetic Art Labs are on the forefront of social gaming for VR, creating joyful, immersive experiences that are as beautiful as they are fun. We’re excited to be backing them at this exciting time and have high hopes for their impact on VR experiences in the future.”

Simon Purkis, Co-founder & CEO

“Working with VGC has been great. They have a super-smart team who have given us astute, supportive guidance and helpful introductions and ideas. They have deep experience in entertainment and gaming and are a real asset to have on board with us as we grow.”