Whether you want the memory of being there, or the next best thing if you weren’t, Setmixer is the answer. This smart device, which easily connects to the sound desk at any venue, can capture live music in top-notch multitrack studio quality. Then, using AI-backed auto-mixing, Setmixer empowers artists to swiftly share their music with fans minutes after each show.

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Phoebe Scriven, Investment Director

“Pascal is an impressive founder, with a compelling background in music technology. He has spotted a genuine gap in the market – a lack of high-quality live recording that can be created and shared efficiently and at scale – and come up with a brilliant answer to it. It’s one that artists, venues, and music fans love.”

Pascal De Mul, Founder & CEO

“VGC has been a dream to work with for Setmixer. They give us the space to explore the exciting directions we are working on but are also just a call away if we need some advice. They are always ready to help with their wide network in the industry.”